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December 5th, 2006 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Another Heroes actor, fly-boy Adrian Pasdar:


I’m not too sure about the ‘fall finale’ episode last night. I think the show would be better served to either tie these people together in the same story (as they are doing with psychic cop, Claire and Peter) or focus episodes on only one storyline at a time. The D.L./Micha/Jessica storyline is taking screentime and going nowhere. I get the feeling they are trying to keep too many characters in play to the detriment of them all. I’d have no problem with an episode focused on only one or two heroes at a time and have no advancement of any of the other character’s stories than these little more than cameo appearances just to get them in.


  1. Matt. says:

    You captured him very well. If you’re asked to do a MAD parody of Heroes will you be using these same caricatures?

  2. Tom says:

    Good question. Probably not. Still, having done a few studies of the faces ahead of time will only help.

  3. mengblom says:

    I’m fine with the round-robin approach to the storytelling. With so many of the points slowly converging, it’s not annoying at all. If anything, it makes me pay closer attention to details that may be overlapping with other characters.

    I agree that the Nikki/Jessica storyline seems to be going in circles (we get it…she’s messed up), but my guess is that she’ll be some sort of “wild card” down the line that’ll really throw a wrench in things (i.e. aligning herself with Sylar).

    Speaking of whom, the conversations between Sylar and Mr. Bennet were fascinating in a mindgame chessmatch kind of way. I’m hoping for an ongoing “cat and mouse” relationship between the two from here on out (with it never being clear who’s the “cat” and who’s the “mouse” at any given time).

    Obviously, from Nathan’s dream, there will be even more storyline convergence in the second half of the season, so be patient. Things have progressed at a fairly decent clip since the beginning of the season, without too much off the telltale “dragging” hot new shows suddenly experience. In case of last week’s “prequel” episode, even THAT had new stuff to propel the story forward, so they don’t seem to be in the business of the navel-gazing that’s come to characterize shows like “Lost”.

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier how the show is going right now. The only thing I’m not happy about is having to wait til the end of January to see a new episode!

  4. mengblom says:

    Whoops! I meant PETER Petrelli’s dream in my previous post, not Nathan (great caricature, by the way).

    Speaking of Peter, I’m sure your caricaturist’s eye spotted Peter’s Stallone-like lip droop…which I only noticed on Monday night. It’s rapidly becoming a visual distraction for me. I look forward to your interpretation of the lip-droop on Peter’s caricature (hopefully he won’t blow up before then).

  5. Tom says:

    Yes, I noticed that. Must be an unconscious left over from his role as Sly’s son in Rocky Balboa… or maybe he got the part because he already had it???

  6. Matt. says:


    For some reason after heroes a couple weeks ago they gave out a random fact, which was:

    “Milo’s mouth is crooked because he was born with dead nerve endings in his lower lip.”


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