L.A. Comic Convention Appearance

November 3rd, 2006 | Posted in MAD Magazine

L.A. Comic Con

As I mentioned last week, this Sunday, Nov. 5th I will be appearing at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm along with the great Sergio Aragones and writer extraordinaire Mark Evanier…. and David Carradine. If Grasshopper starts to bully me I’ll sick Sergio on him. Nobody messes with Sergio.

I’ll have a stack of free MAD magazines to sign while supplies last, and will be doing caricatures and sketches for dirt cheap. Actually I’ll be overcharging, but in L.A. nobody will notice.

I’m also going to have a few MAD originals on hand for sale. I am always uncomfortable doing that and feel like a heel trying to pimp this stuff, but I bring them along for people to look at as much as anything. I don’t sell a lot of these things because frankly I am in no hurry to sell them. I charge an average of $300.00 per page, and they don’t sell very well at those prices. The way I figure it, if I sell some of them at what I am charging, great. If not I’d rather keep them. I’ve got plenty of storage room.

Here’s a list of what I am bringing and the prices. A few of the parodies I will only sell the entire story of. I won’t break up those sets. I do have several single pages I’m bringing, some of which will be the cheaper stuff:

  • “Battyman Begone”, MAD #455- $2,500
    “Batman Begins” Full movie parody. 7 pages including 2 page splash which has text and header pasted up
  • “Spider-Sham”, MAD #418- $2,500
    “Spider-Man” Full movie parody. 7 pages including 2 page splash
  • “$-Men 2”, MAD #430- $300 per page
    “X-Men 2” Movie parody, pages 4,5,6 and 7
  • “The Royal Pain-in-the-bums”, MAD #417- $200 per page
    “The Royal Tenebaums” Movie Parody, pages 2,3 and 5
  • “Bazoom Raider” MAD # 410- $200 per page
    “Tomb Raider” Movie Parody, pages 2 and 4
  • “Tedium”, MAD #454- $350.00
    “Medium” TV parody- Page 1 splash, matted with header and text pasted up

Okay, nothing qualifies as “cheap”, but I don’t really expect to sell any of them. If I do I’ll be happy to put the money towards a new Macbook Pro laptop. If I don’t I’ll be happy to haul them home. Regardless they’ll be there for people to look at.

I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail from people planning on stopping by! Please do so and don’t be shy! I’ll have some special signed printed promo sheets for anybody mentioning they read my blog!


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