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Get Your FREE Copy of “Inside MAD”!

March 28th, 2017 | Posted in General

Wow, MAD is running a special deal right now where buying a 2 or 3 year print subscription will get you a FREE copy of the Inside MAD hardcover (U.S. subscribers only). Inside MAD is a pretty awesome book full of celebrity essays about what MAD meant to them and their careers (and work from the pages of MAD that is associated with that celebrity) as well as the favorite features and articles of many members of the Usual Gang of Idiots! Judd Apatow wrote the forward, and I did the art for an exclusive two page spread to accompany that forward: This book retails… READ MORE

Monday MADness: Monkeying Around!

March 27th, 2017 | Posted in MAD Magazine

Back in MAD #488 (April 2008) the editorial staff decided to do a thought-provoking conceptual theme issue. In typical MAD fashion, they eschewed more meaningful concepts and ideas for something suitably low brow (and I mean LOW… as in simian). The concept they came up with was the “All Monkey Issue”, filled from front to back with gags about monkeys and apes. They even did a parody of the TV show “Monk” with Mort Drucker drawing a monkey instead of the lead character. Tony Shalhoub must have been disappointed (although the monkey looked a little like him more than occasionally)! My job for the issue… READ MORE

Sunday Mailbag: Line Art on Own Layer?

March 26th, 2017 | Posted in General

Q: You use a line art and color technique for a lot of your work. What method do you use to get the lines on their own layer in Photoshop (assuming you ink and scan rather than create the lines digitally)? A: For years I used the “multiply” method, which is simply putting your scanned lines, white paper and all, on its own layer and then setting that layer mode to “multiply”. Everything on that layer then gets “multiplied” with what is below it, sort of like printing the linework on a piece of clear acetate. White is inert so it becomes invisible. That works… READ MORE

A Sketchy Sale II

March 24th, 2017 | Posted in News

For the next 17 hours or so (midnight U.S. Central DST) I’m having a 50% sale on any of the original “Sketch o’the Week” caricature sketches in the Studio Store. Get ’em while the getting’s good! READ MORE

Come See Me at Wondercon!

March 24th, 2017 | Posted in News

It’s been years since I last had a space at Wondercon… in fact it was still in San Fransisco the last time I was there. This year I’ll be at space #DL-o2 with my usual set of garbage, including a big stack of Goodnight Batcave books, a few original MAD pages, My Mad Art of Caricature and Sketch o’the Week books, lots of copies of MAD, my limited edition prints, comic-con exclusive mini-prints, and of course lots of commissions and caricatures I draw on the spot! Come and see The Lovely Anna and me next weekend, Fri March 31 thorugh Sun April 2nd at the… READ MORE

Workshop Spots Still Available (except Germany!)

March 23rd, 2017 | Posted in News

There are a number of spots available in my two upcoming Minnesota workshops, as well as the two summer ones in Pittsburgh and New York (Long Island City). The one in Munich is sold out! Here’s the inventory left: Eagan, MN: April 28-30th, 2017-  5 spots left! Eagan, MN: May 5-7th, 2017- 7 spots left! Pittsburgh PA: June 9-11th, 2017- 6 spots left! Munich, Germany: July 7-9th, 2017- SOLD OUT! Long Island City, NY: Aug 8-10 2017-  5 spots left! The MN ones are unique in that the Friday event takes place in my studio, which gives you the opportunity to have me demo my drawing,… READ MORE

Sketch o’the Week- The Boss!

March 22nd, 2017 | Posted in Classic Rock Sketch Series

This week’s sketch subject is “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen! Pen and ink on paper. Original is available in the Studio Store. READ MORE

MAD’s Move Out West…

March 21st, 2017 | Posted in MAD Magazine

A week or so ago Bleeding Cool broke the news that MAD was apparently following the rest of DC Comics out to Burbank “soon”. Back in 2013 when DC announced they were moving out of NYC and to Burbank, I wrote this post speculating on what would happen with MAD. The short version is I saw four possible scenarios: Enough current MAD editors and art staff make the move that MAD remains the MAD we know and love. DC bankrolls a small, separate MAD office in NYC, and MAD remains the MAD we know and love. DC forms a new editorial and art staff to… READ MORE


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