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Let Them Eat Cake…

May 29th, 2015


One of the highlights of the NCS Reuben Weekend was the cake we had made as part of the King Features 100th Anniversary celebration last Friday.

Fans of the Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” show know Duff Goldman and his team of pastry artists at Charm City Cakes. Since the 2015 Reuben Awards Weekend was in nearby Washington D.C., we decided to pay Charm City Cakes a visit in Baltimore with an eye on having a cake made honoring King Feature’s Centennial. What you see is what they came up with. Here’s my original design:

cake design

It was an adventure in more ways than one. First, both The Lovely Anna and my kids were big fans of the show, so there was plenty of geeking out over working with them. Second, Anna and I got stranded in the Baltimore neighborhood where Charm City Cakes is located due to the impossibility of getting a cab or an Uber, and had to walk about 1.5 miles through some pretty rough neighborhoods to the train station all while starving because we hadn’t eaten all day. Fortunately it was the middle of a bright afternoon, I weigh 230 lbs and look like more trouble than it’s worth to try and mug, and we had a box full of flavor-sampler Charm City cupcakes . We got to the train station intact, unmugged, and with full stomachs… but out of cupcakes.


The cake was a big hit and we ended up eating what was left of it all weekend up in the presidential suite (we had five extra sheet cakes to feed those at the party). My only disappointment with it was that the newspaper strips they used, printed on rice paper for the surface of the “stack of newspapers”, where too small to fill all the cake surface so it really looked like a newspaper… too much space between the strips. I wish they’d realized this and let me know, I’d have gotten them more strips or told them to print some twice to fill up the spaces.

I will post more about the Reubens next week.

Fail to the Chief Dept.

May 28th, 2015

A gent named Marv Sohlo wrote me last week asking my permission to put all my presidential caricatures together into a single poster design… just for fun and for his own personal use. These are the images he came up with (clicky to embiggen).



They look pretty good… almost like I know what I’m doing! Thanks, Marv!

The Lovely Anna has been after me to make a poster like this. She seems to think it would sell, especially to teachers or history buffs. I am going to cave in to her wishes… mainly because she is a lot smarter than I am and is probably right (as usual). So, look for a BIG poster of the presidents from me sometime soon. I will be replacing “Grover from Cleveland” with another caricature of the real Grover Cleveland for his second term, however. I don’t think teachers or history buffs would appreciate the gag. Sorry, Victoria.

Sketch(es) O’the Week- The Slobbit!

May 27th, 2015

Slobbit 3 pg 1

Click any to embiggen…

So I am being lazy today while I (and my liver) are still recovering from the National Cartoonist’s Society Reuben Awards this past weekend in Washington DC (I’ll do a wrap up of that tomorrow).  So, for the sketch of the week this week I’l posting the pencil roughs of MAD’s parody of “The Slobbit: Still Banal After Five Movies”. These actually ARE pencil sketches as opposed to digital roughs, as I did them very low-tech while on vacation in Florida.

The Slobbit Pg 2-3

The Slobbit pg 4-5

Slobbit 3 pg 6

Sneak Peek: The Slobbit 3 Loot Crate Exclusive!

May 26th, 2015

Slobbit 3_1Clicky to embiggen…

As promised, here’s a look at some of the art I did for MAD‘s parody of “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies”, written by Desmond Devlin. That’s the splash page above.

And here is the most insane two page spread I ever did for MAD:

The Slobbit 3_4-5Clicky to embiggen…

 That took about 4 days to do. Remind me to ask for a raise.

I would end this with my standard “What are you waiting for, clod… go out and buy a furshlugginer copy already!” but unless you are a Loot Crate subscriber you are SOL. This parody might end up in a special issue someday, but for now it’s Loot Crate or eBay.

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Monday MADness: Loot Crate Exclusive Issue!

May 25th, 2015

lootcrate_MADLoot Crate is a grab bag (okay… grab BOX) program where you receive a box full of stuff every month for a subscription fee. It’s geared towards geeks and gamers, and each month the box has a “theme”. May 2015’s theme is “Unite”, and included in the box is a special edition of MAD exclusive to Loot Crate.

I have yet to see an actual copy of this issue, so I am unsure how much of the content is reprint material and how much is original. As you can see the cover is an exclusive done by Mark Fredrickson, and I know it contains an exclusive six page parody of the third Hobbit movie, written by Desmond Devlin with art by me. I believe it also contains a reprint of our parody of “The Avengers”.

I’ll post a sneak peek of some of the art from that parody of “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies” tomorrow, which contains the most insane two page spread I’ve ever done for MAD.

The Big Presidential Reveal!

May 24th, 2015


Here is the gigantically disappointing reason behind my series of caricatures of all 44 U.S. Presidents:

The Lovely Anna framed all the originals and used them as the centerpieces for the tables at the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards banquet last night. Each table was the “President’s Table”, with the corresponding number for each president, my caricature, a beautiful vase with blossoms, and a hand painted box with the years of the president’s term(s) written on it. Inside that box were little items representing that president (peanuts for Carter, a little baseball for Taft, a old fashioned radio mic for FDR, etc), and fun facts about that president.


I took these pictures before they had finished the arrangement, which included some ribbon and a dusting of red, white and blue stars, so it looked even better than this.

We didn’t tell anyone that the drawings at each table were originals, but some people figured it out and they all disappeared. That’s what they were there for, we wanted people to take them home.

So that’s the reason for the presidents. Told you it was anticlimactic.

Presidential Caricatures #44- Barack Obama!

May 22nd, 2015

44-ObamaFun Facts: The first African-American president; was a comic book collector; only president born in Hawaii

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Presidential Caricatures #43- George W. Bush!

May 21st, 2015

43-GW_BushFun Facts: Used to be part owner of the Texas Ranger baseball team; son of the 41st president George H.W. Bush; first president elected in the 21st century

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Presidential Caricatures #42- Bill Clinton!

May 20th, 2015

42-ClintonFun Facts: Loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches and fast food; was allergic to Socks, the family cat; famously played the saxophone at his inauguration and on TV

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Presidential Caricatures #41- George H.W. Bush!

May 19th, 2015


Fun Facts: Brought the game of “horseshoes” to the White House, often playing with staff and groundskeepers; at 19 was one of the youngest Navy pilots in Word War II; hated broccoli and banned it from the White House

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