Monday MADness- Goodnight Batcave!

June 20th, 2016 | Posted in MAD Magazine


The Hollywood Reporter had an exclusive announcement last week about this book I have been working on with MAD editor Dave Croatto, so I guess it’s okay to talk about it now… it’s been very hush hush since I got the assignment back in April.

The book is pretty self explanatory, I think. It’s a mashup of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon and everybody’s favorite caped crusader. The Hollywood Reporter posted the cover and a couple of the interior spreads:



You’ll just have to wait until November when the book is released to see the rest of the goods. It’s a clever script from Dave and the art has been a lot of fun. When it comes out I’ll talk more about the process, but the short version is I had to find a balance between paying homage to the original Goodnight Moon‘s iconic illustration look and colors and yet get the Batman universe in there.


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