Sketch o’the Week- Kevin Spacey!

February 26th, 2014 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Kevin Spacey ©2014 Tom RichmondThe Lovely Anna and I have been watching the Netflix series “House of Cards” and I have to say that is one TV show that can still surprise me on a regular basis. It took a few episodes to gather steam in season one, but once it got there it never lost momentum. The above is my take on star Kevin Spacey.

The format of the show, with an entire season being released all at once, is very interesting.” Binge-watching” is the new catchphrase around the water cooler these days, but considering how long it takes these elaborate series to be shot and produced, is it a good or bad way to go? Traditionally having a weekly episode allows for a TV series to stay relevant and in the public interest for many months, and then gives the creative teams time to produce a new season as the current unfolds. So, you at most have to wait a few months for the next season to begin. Here you can watch a whole 13 episode season in one weekend if you want, but then what? It might be a whole year before new episodes. I guess there are pros and cons.

Anyway, it’s a great show. I might do a series of SotW caricatures of the cast. Robin Wright is a particularity tempting subject.


  1. Toby says:

    Fantastic take on Spacey Mr. Richmond!

    Having been “educated” on the torrent/download strategies for the past few years, the Netflix “all at once” release is a Brilliant Idea to minimize lost revenue from Piracy.

  2. Zach Morris says:

    Piracy? How can you pirate something if it hasn’t been released yet?

  3. Doug says:

    I love the show too. I would love to see this series in the gray wash watercolor like you did with Lost. I think it would fit the somber mood of the show. Great work as always.

  4. Jack Myhervold says:

    Maybe you could continue in this direction with 2 more “shady” types. James Spader from “The Blacklist”, and shady/horrific Mads Mikkelsen from “Hannibal”, that returns Friday. I just looked on you tube at the newest Hannibal season 2 trailer. Dark as dirt, but hard to look away.


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