Caricatures at Twinsfest

January 30th, 2014 | Posted in General

I did a rare live gig last weekend for an event called “Twinsfest” in Minneapolis. It takes place in the dead of winter and features current and former players and coaches of the Minnesota Twins meeting and greeting fans, the selling of stuff and especially of ball park food and beverages, all at the (relatively) new Twins ballpark Target Field. No, it doesn’t happen on the field… that’s under about 3 feet of snow right now. Fortunately there are plenty of interior areas of the ballpark usually reserved for club members and corporate VIPs that were opened up to attendees. The event raises money for the Twins Community Fund, a charitable organization that does of lot of good work with youth programs and other worthwhile endeavors in the Twin Cities.

My buddy Jim Hungaski and I set up and drew Friday through Sunday, and were swamped most of the time. We worked on paper printed with “Twinsfest 2014” and also had preprinted caricatures of Twins superstar Joe Mauer and fan favorite Brian Dozier, so you could get “Drawn with Joe or Brian”. We charged cheap prices because of our arrangement with the Twins, except we were selling a “You drawn with Joe Mauer” that was autographed and authenticated with a special MLB sticker for $75, almost all of which went to the Twins Community Fund. Here are some pics:

Tom TW 2

A fan gets drawn with Brian Dozier

Uhhh…. opening day is still a ways away.

Jim in action

I did mostly “Nice Guy” caricatures all weekend. Makes the crowds happy.


  1. Zach Morris says:

    How awesome! Do you ever visit your concession in Mall of America?

  2. Marco says:

    Been working on improving my technique and found some very helpful
    stuff in your book but feel like I’m starting over again because I taught myself to start with the outside of the face first like I saw it done in Las Vegas when I started out so now with your technique I’m having trouble with head sizes but like the result of the likeness! This is especially more difficult with multiples and without a sketch where I would determine the size. Also
    not sure why your Men and boys with eyelashes don’t look feminine like mine!? I never did eyelashes on men or boys for this reason but you pull it off somehow?

    • Tom says:

      Men have eyelashes. The trick is to not make them look like hair. Just suggest the separation of the lashes a little. If they have heavy eyelashes, use a thicker like for the eyelash line of the upper lid.

  3. jailerjoe says:

    “Nice Guy” caricature? …There’s really no such thing;) Looks fun!

  4. anon says:

    Hz you ever caricatured actual twins? do u just draw it twice?

  5. I think that your arte work is amazing!!!
    I’m a huge fan!
    I got your book, and it has helped me a lot!
    I use permanent pen “Tank” in my live caricatures
    and would like to know what kind of pen
    or pencil you are using this work in Twinsfest.

    Evandro Rocha


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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