Singing the Baby Blues

December 5th, 2013 | Posted in General

This is a great video interview with syndicated comic strip “Baby Blues” creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott about the genesis of the strip.

I’m fortunate to be able to call Rick a good friend. We have been on many USO tours together to places like Germany, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even drew together on the U.S.S. Enterprise in the middle of the Arabian Gulf. He’s an incredible talent… incidentally he was honored with the NCS Reuben Award for “Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year” last May. A well deserved honor.

Baby Blues has a special place in me and The Lovely Anna’s hearts. It began on the very day our first daughter The Animated Elizabeth was born. We were living in Atlanta at the time, and this comic strip debuted with the birth of daughter Zoe in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the same our daughter came into the world. Anna would cut many of the strips out and save them for Elizabeth’s scrapbook.

Years later when we joined the NCS, Anna was only star struck by a few of the cartoonists, but Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott were the ones she was really over-the-moon to meet. I think we creeped Rick out pretty badly at first, since he seemed to get this deer-in-headlights look on his face when we would approach and would turn and walk quickly away. He still does that but eventually stops since he knows I won;t let him go on any more USO tours if he doesn’t talk to us.

That’s a joke, of course. He’s a good friend and a great cartoonist.


  1. Great video. Good to see such nice guys are behind such a great strip.

  2. Al Rozanski says:

    Loved the video … and would love to see them in Kenosha some time in the future. Will have to run this by Anne! Thanks Tom.

  3. Lee Fortuna says:

    Love the Baby Blues! But my family & I are even bigger fans of Jerry Scott’s other strip. The one he co-creates with the great Jim Borgman, the piece I read first every Sunday morning while sipping my espresso, ZITS! Yes, theee best strip in my Sunday paper! For us with young adult children STILL living at home,a very relatable creation! Love the Baby Blues for it’s simplicity in it’s art but most of all it’s writing,great stuff! Thanks guys.

  4. jailerjoe says:

    “I don’t get it.” 😉 What a fun and personal look into their relationship. Where do I get a print of that awesome cow painting?.


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