Come Visit Me at FallCon!

October 4th, 2013 | Posted in News


I’m making a rare appearance at one of the Midwest Comic Book Association’s twice-a-year comic cons here in Minnesota (I know… BIG DEAL). I feel a little guilty as I’m missing my NCS Chapter’s annual get together this weekend because I

A. Just got back late last night from abroad and can’t possibly go anywhere father than 10 miles from my house this weekend (The meeting is in Sioux Falls).

B. I have a wedding reception to go to Saturday night.

C. I am off to Florida for a week next week and have 3 weeks of work to squeeze into the week as it is.

D. I just used the word “week” in a single sentence four times. That’s weak.

So, I find myself in town for once during a MCBA event, and I thought I’d show up and sell some books, prints, sketches and original MAD art. So, come on by and say hello if you are there!


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