Sketch Week- Steve Buscemi

September 26th, 2012 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

This is a little different . . . done with a thin marker/pen: actor Steve Buscemi. Sketch week is getting a little too testosterone-heavy. I’ll try and find some ladies to make fun of tomorrow and Friday.


  1. Lee Fortuna says:

    Holy Crap!!! This has got to be one of the best sketch’s I have ever seen you do Tom! It looks like it was done with a style from back in the 1950’s & 60’s! The marker pen put’s a nice little “punch” to it and the likeness is spot on! Now THIS is why I consider you WELL in the same class as Davis & Drucker! We need more of this Tom, you might not think so but I see a little detour from your regular style and get somewhat more “looser” pen wise? not sure but this is very cool, keep it up!

  2. Bill Karis says:

    I think I just felt a smile cross Mort Drucker’s face…Well done Tom!

  3. Bill Dunn says:

    Lee is right on the mark in his observations. I LOVE this caricature of Steve Buscemi. You nailed it. I really enjoy seeing you work with the pen. It reminds me of the outstanding caricatures of Mort Drucker and Jack Davis in the early 1960s Mad Magazines. Can’t stop myself from studying this. It has a ton of energy and is more spontaneous than I remember seeing in your work in recent months. I enjoy your work immensely and check your site every day. This drawing really caught my eye. Extremely well done, Tom!

  4. Wow!!! with a capital W!! 😀

  5. Leo says:

    I can’t add much more to what others have posted except: Awesome, awesome and awesome.

  6. Andr?©s says:

    It looks awesome, I recognized him at the first moment I saw it.

  7. Alan Rozanski says:

    Did you ever notice that you never see Steve Buscemi and Barney Fife together anywhere?

  8. julio cesar naranjo says:

    Hey Tom i really like this actor you did an incrdeible job here, im really amazed with the detail that you put on this one, just awesome. Take care.


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