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December 2nd, 2009 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Tiger Woods ©2009 Tom Richmond

Our subject this week is pro golfer and ?¬?ber shill Tiger Woods. Woods still refuses to talk with police or give any explanation as to why he was driving away from his Florida home at 2:30 a.m. in such a hurry that he ran into a fire hydrant AND a tree. That may be his right to privacy in action like any other citizen has but, as most people do not earn over $90 million a year thanks to endorsements based on the likability, trust and wholesomeness of their persona, I don’t blame anyone who thinks he should be a bit more forthcoming about the incident.

EDIT- Looks like Tiger is finally admitting, albeit vaguely, that he is having a little family problem. I don’t feel a bit sorry for this guy. He has earned an enormous amount of money based on branding himself and his image, and if he is dumb enough to sleep around on his wife he deserves whatever public roasting he gets.


  1. Chip says:

    Loved the sketch Tom!
    It’ll be interesting to see how many endorsement deals he loses if these new allegations of him cheating on his wife are proven true. How will the PGA handle this as well, because this guy has to go out in public to play in tournaments,do appearances to support his endorsements where no doubt he’ll be heckled.
    I can see an exclusive appearance on Larry King or Oprah coming very soon where he admits his alleged infidelity to the public.

  2. Nate says:

    Looks great! Love it

  3. Gabriel Yeo says:

    Great caricature! You could have made him cross-eyed…what do you think?

  4. Jailerjoe says:

    Another hole-in-one for Tiger? Great work, Tom! Enjoyed your “Favres” in the Strib last month, too.

  5. Kev doughty says:

    Great sketch made me laugh out loud
    thanks Tom

  6. Mugshotz says:

    That’s hilarious. Yeah, he kinda dropped the ball on this one. There was some discussion on some of the radio shows regarding this. Even though, as a celebrity, he probably knew he couldn’t tell anyone in confidence about this, it makes him look worse by not being so forthcoming.

  7. Tom says:

    I think what’s really funny about this is how obvious it is there is much more to the story. He hits not one but TWO objects leaving his home at 2:30 am. Looking at the damage to the car in the pictures it’s not that banged up, but the story goes he has injuries that needed a hospital visit and his wife “courageously” had to smash out the BACK WINDOW of the SUV with a golf club in order to “save him”. There was nothing wrong with any of the doors in that vehicle.

    I’d say his wife smashed up more than his window with that golf club.

    He must really think the rest of the world is stupid.

  8. Gabriel Yeo says:

    This was how Tiger Woods was really rescued:

  9. Joe Bluhm says:

    Awesome sketch, Tom.

  10. Tom,
    your assessments are right on as your drawings. That’s quite a visual too, Elin in a negligee, swinging a driver into the back window saying “I’ll show you how to swing a club.” OMG He calls some woman and leaves a frantic voicemail on her machine.
    I thought this guy was smart

  11. Lash LeRoux says:

    Another awesome sketch, Tom! Thanks for sharing. I love the sight gags you’ve included.

    Speaking of not feeling sorry for him, I’ve been in that situation. There were TONS of groupies that would follow us around to every town in wrestling. But, I knew that not only could I not justify to myself ever betraying my wife like that, I also knew that it would be ridiculous and extremely na?√òve to think that she would never find out about it. And OBVIOUSLY Tiger is a LOT more of a recognizable personality than I ever even thought about being. He‚Äö√Ñ√¥s an idiot to think that this would never catch up with him. (Incidentally, I‚Äö√Ñ√¥ve worked with pretty much every major star who ever entered a wrestling ring, and I don‚Äö√Ñ√¥t know of any pro wrestler, other than myself, whose marriage is still intact. Adultery is as prevalent as steroids in every professional sport.)

    >>“I’d say his wife smashed up more than his window with that golf club.”

    I’m with you. I’m convinced that she probably caused the accident (not that I blame her) by beating the hell out of his vehicle while he was trying to leave. And she smashed out the REAR window in order to drag him out? You’ve gotta think that would be the least convenient way to help him. Of course, then you have to explain how he was going so slow that the airbags didn’t even deploy, there is limited damage to the vehicle, and yet he was unconscious when the neighbor called 911?

    See, that’s why you don’t screw around on your wife. Especially, if your wife happens to be one of those hot blooded, northern European women whom probably have a little Norse Viking blood running through their veins!

  12. Karl Simpson says:

    The car didn’t drive too well because of the tyres, he had a hole in one then as he rounded the drive entrance / exit, he hit a dog let to the right and screwed it left instead, he then tried to get out of the car but got (sand) wedged into his seat.

    Oh boy I’m a laugh a minute the winter nights ….!!!

    He also wasn’t actually paying attention to his driving as he was picking a bogey !

    Oh I crack myself up , c’mon there must be a whole host of these left to go at

  13. Rob Maystead says:

    Too bad. He likes to run around with A-Rod and, ultimately, he begins to conduct himself in the same manner.

  14. Joey Hetzel says:

    I’m smelling the next Kobe Bryant here…

  15. Corbett says:

    Seems like everyone has more to say about Tiger’s infidelities than any artwork you’ve posted 😉

    Nice sketch, Tom.

  16. Dan Collins says:

    That’s the best treatment of Tiger eyes I’ve seen. Of course.


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