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July 8th, 2009 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Kate Gosselin ©2009 Tom Richmond
Click image for a closer look…

Here’s a sketch I’ve been meaning to do for some time- Kate Gosselin and her little clan of money makers (Jon has abandoned them… well HER at any rate… in the caricature and in real life). The entire “Jon and Kate Plus 8” tabloid saga is so sickening that it’s become beyond sad. It’s the perfect example of how money and fame often changes people for the worse. I have no sympathy at all for the parents, as they have made their bed and at any time could have just stopped it all and gone back to focusing their efforts on their family and their marriage. Instead they embraced their fame and cashed the checks, so they have only themselves to blame for their situation. The kids are the sad part. They did not ask for nor have a say in being part of this circus. I hope they end up with some semblance of a normal life.


  1. Great job Tom! I love how you included the kids in the sketch. It looks just like them. And, I couldn’t agree more with your thought on the whole situation.

  2. Nelson Dewey says:

    Beautiful (the drawing, not Kate)!
    All that’s missing is the bullwhip.

  3. Great work as always! I agree completely.

  4. Bearman says:

    Great job. The kids look great. I could tell each one apart and identify them, (well if I knew any of their names)

  5. Hehehe! that´s Nice! she was to spank me, hahaha!
    Bad Kids…

  6. RESTREPO says:

    Fantastic! Beautiful pyramid children.
    As always amazing!!

  7. Sam says:

    Great sketch Tom! I really like the facial expressions and perspectives/angles of the chidren’s faces.

  8. Ryan Roe says:

    This is great. Super funny dude.

  9. Joe Bluhm says:

    Great sketch, Tom. You got them great, and the concept is good.


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