The Mexican MAD Magazine?

July 4th, 2009 | Posted in News

Nausea 1 Cover

I received an interesting recent e-mail from a gentleman named Jos?¬© Gonz?¬?lez aka “Pepe Badillo”, a cartoonist from Mexico. He wanted to tell me about the 41st anniversary of the first issue of Nausea, a “Mexican comic magazine inspired in MAD Magazine” that he and his friend, writer Emilio Esquivel, published for 12 issues from June 1968 to June 1970. Jos?¬© was one of only three artists working with Emilio producing the magazine, which he says doing was the fulfillment of a dream.

Empate - Cover
An interior page from Nausea Magazine of a parody of the TV Shoe ‘Combat”

I’d never heard of Nausea. I’ve heard of the several incarnations of the “official ” licensed Mexican MAD Magazine (you can read about them here on Dick Hanchette’s CollectMAD website while the link still lasts) but this one was new to me. Nausea post dates any of the official Mexican MAD‘s by 10 years. Back in those days it was a lot harder to publish a comic book on your own… before desktop publishing, internet storefronts and cheap overseas printing made publishing something anybody can do from their kitchen table. I can’t imagine the work, money and effort that must have gone in to getting something like this off the ground and keep it going for 12 issues.

I wish I could find out more info about Nausea, but the web is woefully deficient in dedicated Nausea sites.Seriously, it just goes to show that not everything is documented to death on the internet.

So… Happy Anniversary, Nausea!


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