Super Capers World Premiere

January 12th, 2009 | Posted in News

Poster art by Drew Struzan!

I just got the word that the movie I worked on this summer, Super Capers, got picked up for limited distribution in select cities and theaters. Here’s the press release:

Super Caper Release

The movie will open March 20th 2009 in the following cities… St. Louis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Milwaukee, San Antonio, Columbus, Kansas City, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles.

Super Capers just got picked up for distribution for only select theaters in these cities but should it do well, there could be a pickup to take it world wide.

Please tell a friend and help spread the word and attend the opening weekend if you are in one of these locations.

Damn, Milwaukee is the closest one to me. MILWAUKEE?? Why not Minneapolis?? Oh well. No actual theater info… just the cities.

I did a series of illustrations for the film’s open credits and for a flashback done in a limited animated style, as well as two set paintings for the main villain’s lair. Looks like a fun movie, and the script was pretty funny. Maybe it’ll be a sleeper hit! If anyone gets to see it, let me know about it.

You can check out the movie’s website here, which features a bunch of the art I did. I was being considered for the movie poster art as well but the movie’s backers decided if I did the artwork in my style people might think it was an animated film, so they went with second stringer Drew Struzan instead. What has THAT guy ever done?? Oh… nevermind.


  1. Hmm a 3 hour drive for me to Kansas City. I’ll definitely watch it sometime, but I, too, have limits on how far I’ll drive for it.
    Might not be a good idea for me to see it in the theater anyway, because I KNOW I’d yell out, “I’ve met the guy that drew those! TWICE!”, followed by getting a $5 small Pepsi in the back of the head.

  2. Ray Griggs says:

    Hey Tom great work on your illustrations…sorry the film wont be playing near you in the first wave but hopefully it do well, and we can get it out to more theaters….As for Drew Stuzan, you may or may not know after finishing Super Capers poster he decided to retire. So this is the last Movie Poster Art we see of his, from Star Wars to Harry Potter his poster art will be surely missed….


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