Goodbye to Maui…

January 26th, 2008 | Posted in General


The view at lunch from “The Sea House” in Napili

Another annual trip to Maui in the books. We’ll be having our yearly going-away lunch on the ocean at Kimo’s in Lahaina, staring wistfully out at the whales frolicking in the sea and contemplating our return to real life.

Finding the time, money and needed help for just the two of us to get away alone one week a year is not easy. However I can say for certain that it is very important to your marriage and your sanity to find some selfish alone time with your spouse. The trappings, responsibilities and aggravation of everyday life eats away at you over time, and even the most stalwart of parents and workers need a break. It’s especially important to find that alone time to strengthen the connection with your spouse and enjoy each other’s company the way you did before work, kids and life were as demanding of your time and attentions as they inevitably become.

I know a few couples who don’t vacation well together. I feel very sorry for those people. There is no one I would rather share Hawai’i with than The Lovely Anna… and that includes Salma Hayek and Carla Guigino. Really.

I hear the cold snap is over in Minnesota, and it will be a relatively balmy 29 degrees today compared to the below zero temperatures of the past week. Oh, goody.


  1. Trevour says:

    And then the cold “snaps” back early next week! We’re going right back to subzero highs… again. 😛

    Glad you and Anna had a good time. I hope my wife and I can make it to HI someday!

  2. SteveH says:

    Great to hear you guy’s had a wonderful vacation! It is loverly to have so many beautiful memories to think back on, that’s one aspect of traveling that I love! OK, so where are we going next? Hehe…


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