Briefly: More on the New 12″ Cintiq

December 29th, 2007 | Posted in General


In case you haven’t seen it via Drawn! or the Wisenhiemer Cartoonists forum, here’s a link to Gizmodo’s review of the new 12″ portable Cintiq tablet/display from Wacom. It features a video with unpacking and the creating of a color image of “Bender” from “Futurama” along with subtitles commentary. The verdict from Gizmodo is “professional artists: GET IT!”.

Another independent and even more in depth review can be found at my friend Cedric Hohnstadt’s blog. Cedric got the new Cintiq and has good things to say.

Both these reviews are highly useful as they are done by working artists, as opposed to being reviewed by techies. It’s certainly more important to me to hear from those who need to and will use such a piece of equipment like I would.

I’m still not getting one, though. There’s just not enough moments when I am on the road and needing to do any color work. I still do all the drawing and inking the old fashioned way… I use the Cintiq only for the final step.


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