Munich Workshop Underway!

July 7th, 2017 | Posted in News

My caricature workshop in Munich, Germany starts today through Sunday! Workshop class illustration above. It’s a little bigger group (16) than usual but I don’t think I’ll be back to Germany anytime soon, so I thought I’d add a few extra students as I had a lengthy waitlist.

The July 12th deadline to sign up for my final 2017 workshop taking place here in MN fast approaches. The MN workshops are unique in that part of it takes place in my studio. Check out the details here.


  1. Timm says:

    I would love to be there!!! When is the next Time you’re in Germany?

    Have a nice Weekend in Germany


  2. It’s in Brazil? When are you coming?

  3. bernd orange says:

    thanx a lot tom for that terrific workshop!
    learning can be fun – really!
    and you are a heck of a teacher, very much trying to help individually and caring about each pupil…
    like the other austrian uses to say – i’ll be baack!


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