Monday MADness- The Sheen Lantern!

April 3rd, 2017 | Posted in MAD Magazine

Back in MAD #513 (Feb 2012) I did the art for a “MAD 20” piece written by Kit Lively & Scott Nickel making fun of the big bag of crazy that was Charlie Sheen. I have this caricature of him on my comic-con table banner and it often stops people in their tracks because of the funny mash-up concept. The art called for both a main image and spots of mock comic book covers for “The Sheen Lantern”. Pencil rough and close ups of the comic covers below:


  1. Dave says:

    Love Dad as a Guardian in the background! 😀

  2. Sam Sutton says:

    These illustrations are stunning! Very vivid colors and you nailed Charlie every time.

  3. John Deaton says:

    Amazing work!


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