Monday MADness: Loot Crate Exclusive Issue!

May 25th, 2015 | Posted in MAD Magazine

lootcrate_MADLoot Crate is a grab bag (okay… grab BOX) program where you receive a box full of stuff every month for a subscription fee. It’s geared towards geeks and gamers, and each month the box has a “theme”. May 2015’s theme is “Unite”, and included in the box is a special edition of MAD exclusive to Loot Crate.

I have yet to see an actual copy of this issue, so I am unsure how much of the content is reprint material and how much is original. As you can see the cover is an exclusive done by Mark Fredrickson, and I know it contains an exclusive six page parody of the third Hobbit movie, written by Desmond Devlin with art by me. I believe it also contains a reprint of our parody of “The Avengers”.

I’ll post a sneak peek of some of the art from that parody of “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies” tomorrow, which contains the most insane two page spread I’ve ever done for MAD.


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