MAD 543 Sneak Peek- Silly!

December 12th, 2016 | Posted in Monday MADness

MAD #543- Feb 2017

As promised, here’s a sneak peek at my art for the Dick DeBartolo penned parody of the movie “Sully”…





What do you mean, you want to read the word balloons? What do you think this is, a furshlugginer library? Go out and buy a copy of MAD #543, clod!


  1. Kevin Richlin says:

    Love the MAD cameos on the bottom of page six

  2. Joel says:

    Brilliantly drawn, as usual and as always.
    And, interestingly, I live in Charlotte and did a commissioned caricature of one of the passengers on that flight…
    (But, Tom, being a former New Yorker, I can see that you’ve got the city on the New Jersey side of the Hudson. At least relative to the direction they actually landed…)

    • Tom Richmond says:

      Yes, I know. We had to do it that way because of the written jokes. One refers to the plane getting in the way of one of the observer’s photo of the Manhattan skyline, which required me to place the plane between the observer and the city. Another joke required me to have the plane going over the GWB. Finally, the cockpit dialogue was on the left forcing me to draw the plane coming in from the right. The only solution was to reverse the direction of the actual landing, and believe me it was discussed.

  3. Ed Meisinger says:

    Hi Tom, At your convenience, could you fill us in on the identity of the many cameos?

  4. Ichabod Cranium says:

    Also, Dick DeBartolo’s head is MUCH too big to fit comfortably inside the cabin of his boat! This, sir, is an outrage.

  5. Jack Myhervold says:

    Just curious what small visual gags Mad asks you to include, and what gags you surprise them with. On the splash, Hanks, at the top refers to Apollo 13, Cast Away, etc, and you have pictured the capsule, volleyball, and over in the lower right you have an old Clint (movie director), with his Every Which Way but Loose – orangutan co-star, and above that, writer Dick DeBartolo in a boat. Which of those, if any, were you asked to include, and which did you spring on them unexpectedly?. Fun splash page!.


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