Illustration Throwback Thursday- Star Warped!

October 27th, 2016 | Posted in Illustration Throwback Thursday

Back in the late 90’s a company called Parroty Interactive contracted me to do art for a series of spoof computer games. This was back when such games came on these shiny disks called “CD ROMS”. I did varying amounts of art for different games with titles like “The X-Fools” and “Winblows 98”. The project I did the most work for was a game called “Star Warped”, which was obviously a take on Star Wars. A lot of the art I did was just in black and white, as they had some color artists that were doing the colors and formatting the images for the game. The “game” was set in the bedroom of two brothers who were Star Wars nuts in Modesto, California. Their room was the game environment, and each POV had click-able elements that would take you to various mini-games like “Whack the Ewok” or the “Yoda Fortune Teller”, or other interactive things. I designed the bedroom environment, seen above, which I did with traditional media for some reason I do not remember… I think they requested that I do it that way for some reason.

There were several other points of view of the room, and some side rooms as well. They included close ups of things like fake foreign Star Wars posters, spoof toys, etc.:

Some of the “games” included the “gene-splicing machine”, where you could splice the genes of a Star wars character and some celebrity to end up with…

Maculay Culken + Luke Skywalker

Mike Tyson + Yoda

Ross Perot + Yoda

Most of this art is long lost and while I have a copy of the CD Rom games somewhere no computer working today would know what to do with it. Interestingly enough fellow MAD artist Sam Sisco did the cover art for the box:



  1. Chad says:

    Good stuff. Always fun to see new takes on elements of pop culture.


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