LA Workshop #1 Underway!

January 12th, 2018 | Posted in News

Speaking of workshops, my first workshop of 2018 started just a few minutes ago here in Los Angeles, CA! I am doing another one in the same location next weekend. Above is the “class illustration”.

On the workshop front I am sold out in Atlanta (Feb), Toronto (June) Switzerland and London (Aug). I have a few spots left in Chicago (April) and Long Island City (May) and that one that suddenly opened up in Dallas (Mar). I am looking into possible locations and dates in Washington DC in July and Las Vegas in September, and maybe another here in Minnesota in October. Nothing solid yet, but I’ll announce the ones I set up this winter.



  1. leefhcaricature says:

    I’m amazed at the speed you’re able to complete the group caricatures and have them printed on t-shirts for participants. Do you do them before the start of each workshop?

  2. Sam says:

    Please let me know if a spot opens for Atlanta Workshop!
    Thank you

  3. Rob Chase says:

    The gentleman in the top left corner looks remarkably like “Chumlee” from the show “Pawn Stars” . . .

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LA Workshop no. 2 underway today!

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