Sketch o’the Week- Cesar Romero!

January 10th, 2018 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

The second of my caricature sketch series of 60’s Batman TV villains, Cesar Romero as “The Joker”!

I’m sorry if anyone was waiting for certain of these sketch subjects to appear in hopes of buying the originals. The first four, last week’s Frank Gorshin, this one, and Burgess Meredith and Lee Meriwether the next two weeks, are already spoken for and pre-paid (!).


  1. Louie The Lilac says:

    I bid $12,000 for an original Lady Penelope Peasoup!!!

    I also need a Sandman, to complete my extensive collection of Michael Rennie caricatures.

    • Tom Richmond says:

      Lol. Not sure I’ll get to all 37 actors who appeared as major Villains. Lord Ffogg and Lady Peasoup might be a double, though.

  2. Why Lee Meriwether and not Julie Newmar? Are these just the characters from the 66 Batman movie?

    • Tom Richmond says:

      Because the person who wrote me to pre-buy these first ones asked for Lee Meriwether. Don’t worry, I’ll be drawing both Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt.

  3. Casey Christenson says:

    Is this one still available to purchase or is it out the door already?

  4. Jimmy Pereira says:

    Don’t forget John Astin as the Riddler😉

  5. BAnt says:

    Awesome and inspiring, as usual!

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