Stuff from my Studio #3

January 9th, 2018 | Posted in Stuff from my Studio

This is by far the thing that most visitors to the studio flip out over, especially after they are told it’s not a statue but a wearable costume. This is a screen-accurate replica of the Batsuit Val Kilmer wore in 1995’s “Batman Forever”. A terrible film, but a great costume (except for the nipples… but the chicks dig them). The armor is latex rubber glued to a Lycra bodysuit and painted in rubberized paint. The cowl is likewise latex rubber, as so is the cape. The gloves and boots are real leather, except for the glove “fins”, which are urethane rubber. The bat emblem is cast resin, and the utility belt is a combination of cast resin and urethane rubber. It’s brutally hot and uncomfortable. I can only spend a few hours in it before melting. It’s also so immobilizing that trying to fight in it would be a joke… a 75 year old lady would kick my ass if I was wearing it. This thing is almost 16 years old now.

That is not my first batsuit, though:

Circa 1968

I’ve upgraded since:

If you want to read more about the suit, like how I got it and more close up pics of the different parts, here you go.

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