Batman Print Sold Out!

January 3rd, 2018 | Posted in News

I just sold the last artist proof of my “Bats in the Belfry” print. That’s it. All gone. Never to be reprinted. Just FYI, the next one to go will probably be my Sherlock Holmes limited edition print “The Game’s Afoot”, which has only 53 of 450 remaining.


  1. Glad I got mine early. I absolutely love it.

  2. Joe says:

    I got one when it was first debuted. Absolutely love it!

  3. BAnt says:

    Congratulations. Can I ask you what exactly “print” means? Is your studio that produce the print? Or do you “hire” third parts?

    • Tom Richmond says:

      These prints are done by a professional printing company. They are not produced on a inkjet or similar printer in my studio. I order a run of 500 prints, doing 450 signed and numbered. The extra 50 are to replace damaged ones and, if I have any of the 50 extra left over when the signed and numbered ones are sold out, I sell those as “Artist’s Proofs” until the print run is gone. Then that’s it. I do not reprint them again. In the case of the Doctor Who print, I did a second version including John Hurt and Peter Capaldi (who were not part of DW until after I had done the first print), but I also did all new and different caricatures of the other 11 Doctors. I sometimes do a “mini print” postcard sized version of the lineup or individual ones, but I don’t think I can do that with Batman or many of the longer ones since they are too long horizontally to print in a small format.

      These are real limited editions that re professionally printed, that’s why I charge $25 for them rather than the $10-$15 comic-con printmongers charge for their inkjet prints. I don’t mind if they are slow to sell. If you get one of 450, you are really getting one of only 450 on the planet.

  4. BAnt says:

    Wow, very professional and very interesting. Thank you.


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