Stuff from my Studio #2

December 29th, 2017 | Posted in Stuff from my Studio

It’s another thrilling installment featuring stuff in my studio! This time around we are having a look at this:

Whenever I travel somewhere interesting, I always try and get some item to remind me of the trip. I try and find something that represents the place I’m visiting, the reason I am there, or something that will remind me of some specific moment or event from the trip.

This is a hand-made toy truck I bought in Kandahar, Afghanistan while on a USO trip with a group of cartoonists from the National Cartoonists Society in 2013. It’s meant to be what are referred to as “Jingle Trucks”. Jingle trucks are various sized commercial trucks that ply the mountainous roads between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and are so called because they are covered with hundreds of bells and chimes. You will find them in other parts of South Asia, including India and into China. They are also covered with beautiful and intricate artwork, often depicting scenes from religion, poetry and fables with elaborate design and calligraphy. These trucks and their decor are a source of pride to the owners/drivers, who spend a lot of time decorating them until they are glorious canvases of color. They haul firewood and all sorts of commodities around the two countries and surrounding areas. One of the most wonderful things about them is they depict scenes from many different religions including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, etc… often mixing them on the same truck. They are a very common sight on the highways of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and are a vital part of the commercial lifeblood of the country. Here are some pics of some real ones:

Obviously my little toy does not do them justice. I had read about this unique aspect of life in that part of Asia, and wanted to get something to represent it.


  1. Jason Chamberlain says:

    So cool! Keep sharing Please! Love seeing your stuff.

  2. Looks pretty cool…

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