Sitcomics Getting Some Press!

December 29th, 2017 | Posted in General

The startup comic book company I recently did some work for, Sitcomics, is getting some press for both the “Binge Book” format of their comics and how they are trying to buck the standard comic book distribution system with what they call “sell-through distribution”. Bleedingcool has a write-up as does The Outhousers.

Sitcomics publisher and main writer Darin Henry wanted to do something different with his comic book lineup. Coming from a background as a successful TV writer (Futurama, Seinfeld, The Ellen Show, etc) he is applying today’s new dynamic of TV consumption to comics. His “Binge Books” contain 64 page full story arcs for only $3.99, as opposed to short monthly story segments for more $$ (and considerably more money once you get enough issues to complete a story arc). His direct distribution format distributes full color catalogs for free to participating comic shops, and when customers order issues by the Jan 25th deadline they get them only a week later, rather than three months later via the traditional system.

That’s a nice idea… you get a big, 64 page comic with an entire story for only $3.99 and you get it in short order. The downside to this system is that nationwide only about 60 comic books shops are onboard. There is at least one in each of the 50 states, but that means these titles only really available to those local to that shop. Of course, Darin is hoping more comic shops participate as he releases more “seasons” of Binge Book titles. I guess that will depend on if the titles are well received. I am not sure if ordering online will be possible.

One thing Darin has done that few independent comics publishers do is hire well established professionals to do the art. Artists like Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema (Captain America), Craig Rousseau (Harley Quinn), Jeff Schultz (Betty and Veronica), Blair Shedd (Doctor Who) and others are all pros with years of experience behind them, so the quality of the work is excellent… or in my case passable.

The “Z-People” book I drew was a fun story. Hopefully for Darin people like his Sitcomics titles, and the way he’s putting out the books. There can never be enough comics out there.

If you frequent a local comic book store, feel free to mention this to the proprietors and have them email The Sitcomics folks at editor(at) to get the FREE full color catalog sent to them to give out to their customers.


  1. Chip says:

    Very interesting! Going to pick up the Z-People book. I saw that K. Michael Russell did some of the colors too. He has a cool YouTube channel if you are interested in digital comic creation.

  2. Very impressive…

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