Z-People #1 Release Date Announced

October 31st, 2017 | Posted in General

Seeing as how it’s Halloween, this zombie-themed announcement is well timed!

Sitcomics recently announced the release date of Z-People #1, the humorous zombie comic written by Darin Henry for which I did the pencils and inks, as well as a look at the main cover art (pencils, inks and color by me) on their Facebook Page. That date is January 31st, 2018. In fact a number of Sitcomics’ giant-sized “Binge Books” will be released on this day with titles to be announced as the date nears.

These Binge Books are 64-or-more page extravaganzas priced at only $3.99, and include main stories, short additional stories, gag pages, etc. Z-People #1 has a 47 page main story with my art plus some other surprises. Sitcomics is also bucking the traditional comic book distribution model by direct marketing to comic book stores rather than listing with Diamond, and publisher Darin Henry is joining forces with one comic book shop in each of the 50 states that will exclusively debut their Binge Book line. I believe other comic’s shops will be able to order the books directly from Sitcomics after that. I may or may not be doing a signing at a local Twin Cities comic’s shop on Jan 31st, depending on if the shop wants to or not.

This comic was a lot of work doing the layouts, pencils and inks. In fact, it took over two years to complete mainly because Darin agreed to let me work on it “around other jobs and deadlines”… an arrangement I’ve learned is never a good idea. I never have spare time to work on anything “on the side”. When I have some down time I need to spend it recharging my batteries for the next deadline(s) or I will go insane. Darin has been incredibly patient and I finally was able to put the job to bed this fall:

I’ll pass along any sneak peeks that Sitcomic’s chooses to release as the date gets nearer. I do plan on having copies of the comic available through the Studio Store… signed of course. I’ll make the announcements when appropriate.


  1. Greg L says:

    I took a brief look at the Sitcomics website and only saw the comics available at Pennsylvania comic book shops – or online. Maybe you can clue us in as to which brick & mortar comic book shops these will be on sale when it gets closer to the release

    • Tom Richmond says:

      The publisher is taking a unique approach to distributing their comics… they are partnering with one comic book shop in each state and that will be the exclusive place to get the comics when they are released. They will be available to order online and might be available in more shops later. Visit the Sitcomic’s Facebook page for info and announcements. https://www.facebook.com/Sitcomics/

  2. It is a lot of work… No wonder getting tired is a common issue. Great work…


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