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August 18th, 2017 | Posted in MAD Magazine

Number One Son Thomas studied overseas this spring/summer is a little town names Eichstätt In Germany, about 1.5 hours northwest of Munich. The Lovely Anna and I went to visit him (I also taught a workshop in Munich while there). Germany is one of the few countries who still produces their own version of MAD, where they license the magazine and reprint a certain amount of the US material while also doing their own content, covers, etc. One of my missions was to find a copy of a German MAD while there.

I failed miserably.

Granted I didn’t go looking for comic book shops or big bookstores. I just looked at any newsstands I happened across, which were not very many outside the airport. No luck.

However, a friend of Tom’s from Germany arrived yesterday bearing gifts. Her name is Lea and she is on her way to study for the fall at a college in Washington State. She made a stop here in Minnesota to visit on her way. She brought me a copy of the German MAD! The cover is above (not my artwork). This issue did reprint one of my pieces… a 9 year old one from #488, April 2008 aka the “MAD Monkey Issue”. An odd choice but here you are, translated into German:

I am pretty sure Jeff Kruse‘s jokes are way funnier in German. I know my artwork is a lot funnier translated into German. Thank you Lea!


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