September MN Workshop Sold Out!

July 18th, 2017 | Posted in General

My final workshop of 2017, being conducted here in Minnesota Sept 15th-17th is SOLD OUT! However, if you are interested in attending please send us a note and we’ll add you to the waitlist. We almost always have a cancellation or two, so your chances of getting a spot are good… especially if you get on the waitlist early. If I get a cancellation I start with the first person on the waitlist and offer them the spot, then work my way down the list if they are unable to attend. It costs nothing to get on the waitlist and you have no obligation to take the spot should it become available.

I promise I will do more workshops in 2018. I’m looking into locations on the west side of the country for early in the year. I’ll post announcements once I have dates and locations.



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