On The Drawing Board- 6/23/17

June 23rd, 2017 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Actually I am on vacation (sort of, brought some work with me) in Florida right now but here’s what is on the drawing board currently:

  • “Z People” Comic Book– Inking the last of this 47 page behemoth right now. Looking to be done by the end of the month.
  • MAD– Just finished a two page feature for #547 (rare issue without a movie or TV parody for me) but already have the script for a TV show parody for issue #548
  • Corporate caricatures– I’ve got a new gig doing caricatures of executives/employees for a big tech company. Have three of them in the works right now.
  • Jeff Dunham– Working on a secret project!
  • New L.E. Print– To debut at San Diego Comic Con!

That’s about it right now.


  1. Adam Cooke says:

    It’s incredibly bizarre to consider that you’re finishing up a 47-page project for somebody else and only a two-page feature for MAD (your non-MAD-20 one-or-two-pagers are mighty rare these days). I’ll be honest – part of me hopes the new MAD editorial staff in Burbank might consider handing an entire issue over to you, but I doubt your workload would even allow for that. Also, Fold-Ins are hard to draw. (I’ve tried.)

    • Tom Richmond says:

      I usually have one issue without a parody every year. It’s kind of a nice breather actually. I don’t think I’d want to draw an entire issue, not that they would even consider that.


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