One More Studio Store Holiday Shopping Warning!

November 22nd, 2016 | Posted in News

stressed xmas final

Just another friendly warning that I will be out of the country from Thanksgiving until Dec 13th. If anyone is considering ordering something from the Studio Store as a gift for the holidays, anything ordered after Nov 24th WILL NOT ship until Dec 14th. That’s prints, books, original art… anything. If you want to be sure your gift order arrives in plenty of time for the holidays be sure and order by Thanksgiving Day. The Lovely Anna (aka “Shipping and Handling”) and I will be mailing out any and all orders placed through November 24th on Friday the 25th literally on our way to the airport. We’ll do our best to ship any orders that come in after Nov. 24th right away when we get back, but the post office is swamped the week or so leading up until Christmas so timely delivery might be a problem.


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