Monday MADness: Fake Covers!

August 22nd, 2016 | Posted in MAD Magazine

This week’s Monday MADness is another blast from the past… this time from MAD #400, December 2000. This was my second appearance in the magazine, and my first color piece for them. I was assigned the job of doing fake covers from each decade that MAD was in existence for an article entitled “The Untold History of MAD“. These printed really small in the article, so here they are about actual art size.

50s cover
The 1950’s

60s cover
The 1960’s

70s cover
The 1970’s

80s cover
The 1980’s

90s cover
The 1990’s

These next ones were described as a double cover issue printed the morning after Yelsin’s attempted coup of Russia, done is the manner of the Nixon/Kennedy double cover for MAD #60 where MAD hedges its bet as to who was going to come out on top:



Artist Scott Bricher also did a series of fake covers for the same article, which was written by Desmond Devlin. Incidentally, this article features a gag in the “MAD Timeline” by Des that make me laugh as hard as anything I’d ever read in MAD, and the longer I work for them the funnier it gets:

Also in 1952… The second issue of MAD does on sale on December 9th, 1952. On December 11, the first-ever letter complaining that MAD “just isn’t as funny and original like it used to be” arrives.


  1. Adam Cooke says:

    I was just re-reading this article over the weekend and I still love it! Great to see the “fake cover” art in large-size form. And, believe it or not, a page on the Disney Wiki site is still insisting that your “Disneyland Opening Day” art is from an actual MAD cover:

  2. Demetrius Dillard says:

    I remember these fake Mad covers from Mad #400, Tom! My favorites are the ’70s Nixon cover and the ’90s cover featuring Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding (the “Alfred-shaped” lead pipe is a clever touch).

  3. Tom Faraci says:

    Haha these are great!


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