Jack Davis- 1924-2016

July 27th, 2016 | Posted in News

jack.jpgOne of the greatest cartoonists who ever lived just left this world… the afterlife is going to be a much funnier place starting today.

The great Jack Davis passed away today at age 91. No conversation about the the best of the best in the world of comics, cartooning and/or humorous illustration would ever be complete without his name near the top of the list. Jack was a cartoonists’s cartoonist, an man of immense talent and an eye for visual humor that left the entire world laughing at his simplest of drawings. He was one of the original EC Comics artists on their much beloved and respected horror and other titles in the early 1950’s. He became a superstar with his work in MAD Magazine, first on the Harvey Kurtzman comic book and then under the magazine staff. His work appeared prominently in virtually every major avenue of cartooning and illustration, from TIME magazine covers and many other major publications to major motion picture movie posters to animated television character design to hundreds of posters/products to greeting cards to syndicated comic strips and more. Jack did it all, and he did it better than almost anyone else ever did. The word “genius” gets bandied about a little too often, but in Jack’s case there is no doubt it applies. He was a cartooning and visual genius.

I am blessed to say he was also my friend. We met through the National Cartoonists Society, and getting to know he and his wonderful wife Dena was one of the great privileges of my life. It’s especially gratifying to discover, upon meeting one of your true heroes, you find they are just as wonderful people as they are cartoonists. Jack was one of the kindest, most humble, giving and genuine people I’ve ever met.

I am going to miss him, and so is the rest of humanity. Rest in Peace, Jack.

Jack Davis and me


  1. Joel K. says:

    He and Mort Drucker, in my estimation, have resided on Mount Olympus for some time now. Among the “younger generation,” Tom Richmond is a worthy stake holder to that aerie, as well…

  2. Dave Washburn says:

    Well said, Tom. Agree. He was at the first NCN convention I attended in Cocoa Beach. What a nice, nice man. RIP Jack. The best.

  3. James says:

    Sad news – he was the greatest.

  4. Vic M says:

    Great artist and cartoonist

  5. Nick Nix says:

    Sometimes it is hard to put into words how sad the passing of someone who was so influential on ones life. When I was a kid Mr Davis’ cartoon style was like nothing I had ever seen before. He will always live in my artwork -though I could never match his genius. Somehow the world seems a bit less funny. He will be missed.

  6. Frank Mariani says:

    I have a pencil original Jack Drew of Jeff MacNelly. I thought it was priceless before, even moreso now.

  7. Don Coker says:

    So sorry to hear this, Tom. Jack attended UGA with my father in-law, Bill Bowick, whom we lost last year at 91. They worked on the Red & Black together. Jack gave Bill an original brush and ink drawing from their college newspaper and Bill gave it to me when I married his daughter because he knew Jack was my biggest influence in my newspaper cartooning. It is a treasure. Rest well, Jack.

  8. Zeb says:

    He was one of my all time favorites.

  9. Robert Stewart says:

    So sad to see one of the great ones pass away. Loved his work over the many years and have sketched many of his drawings because his work was so fun to draw. His genius will be missed BUT never forgotten.
    R.I.P. Jack

  10. Genius.R.I.P.

  11. venki says:

    rest in peace, sir, i have enjoyed your work since my childhood ___/\___


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