Monday MADness!- Dump on Trump!

July 25th, 2016 | Posted in MAD Magazine


At Comic Con this past week MAD announced the release of a FREE ebook called MAD Dumps on Trump, where they have collected over 100 pages they’ve done over the years making fun of “The Donald” from “The Apprentice” through the 2016 election campaign. It’s absolutely free, or in other words the equivalent of the value of a degree from Trump University. This new ebook is sure to elicit two things: riotous laughter from readers and lots of angry emails accusing MAD of being a “liberal rag” from people who either haven’t actually read the magazine to see all the shots they’ve taken at Obama, the Clintons and other democrats, or who simply can’t read.

So, go to MAD’s website and read your free ebook!


  1. Plupap says:

    Hilarious! Saw the ad for Mad on Android, and I hope it comes to IOS soon!


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