“These Guys Suck!” Special Editions Also Available!

July 21st, 2016 | Posted in General

These Guys Suck LEJust a reminder that in addition to the 450 signed and numbered “These Guys Suck!” limited edition prints, I also have thirteen “Special Editions” which each include the original black and white inked artwork of one of the Dracula caricatures. The prints are hand signed and numbered “SE xx of 13”, with the number corresponding to the order they appear in the print. So, if you buy the “Jack Palance” special edition, you will get the original inked caricature of Jack:


And a print signed and numbered “SE 5 of 13”.

These are ridiculously overpriced at $125 each, but what can I say… I’m an optimist.

Visit the original art section of my Studio Store to see which ones are still available…


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