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April 28th, 2016 | Posted in General


When the news broke about Prince’s death I immediately tried to think back to when I might have drawn him for a job so I could post that image along with my Prince story. I drew a blank (pun intended). I could not come up with a single time I had drawn Prince in any job, parody or image for MAD or otherwise. I remembered I used to have a sample of him up in my theme park locations, but that one is lost to the ages. No scans or record of it, and it sucked anyway.

Leave it up to the experts in the world of MAD fandom… specifically Demetrius Dillard from the MAD Mumblings Facebook group, to remind me I DID draw Prince in MAD once. He had a cameo in the splash page of MAD‘s parody of “Tomb Raider” in MAD #410 (October 2001). The opening scene was in a temple full of hieroglyphs, and Prince had just famously changed his name to a symbol. Thus he was drawn pointing to one of the glyphs and saying “Hey, this would make a great middle name!” I am pretty sure writer Desmond Devlin wrote that gag into the script, so it was not my joke. Close up of the cameo above, full splash page art below.



  1. Yup! writer Desmond Devlin.

  2. Demetrius Dillard says:

    Thanks for uploading this incredible double-page splash, Tom! It was better than the actual film itself!

  3. Appu says:

    That is having fun with prine ,Bazoom Raider.


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