Just Landed on Red’s Planet…

April 15th, 2016 | Posted in News


… jealous? Well you should be.

Lucky guy that I am, a few days ago I received an advanced copy of the hardcover of Eddie Pittman‘s Red’s Planet graphic novel. I guess that blurb I wrote for the back paid off!

Red’s Planet is set to be released next week, and while I do not recommend very many books or comics work as a rule I am heartily recommending this one. No spoilers here, but Eddie has created something really wonderful with Red’s Planet. The story is fun, funny and heartwarming. The characters instantly grab you (s0metime literally). The artwork is extraordinary. The entire package is terrific. I read most of Red’s Planet in dribs and drabs online when Eddie was doing it as a webcomic, and while it was great then I much prefer the entire story collected in a volume like this. It was a joy to read the story entire.

Mark my words, folks. This graphic novel is going to catch fire and be a big hit for both young and older audiences. I see animated or live action films in the future… but I’m most looking forward to book 2 Red’s Planet: Friends and Foes in 2017!


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