2016 Reuben Awards Cover Art and Speakers

February 23rd, 2016 | Posted in General

2016 Reuben Award Brochure CoverL to R, top row: Bruce Higdon, Sergio Aragonés, Mo Willems (Reubens emcee), Jeff Smith, Terry Moore. Second row: David Apatoff, Jenny Robb, Luke McGarry, Matt Diffee, Lynn Johnston, Paul Coker Jr. Front: Jan Eliot, Maria Scrivan, Deborah Peyton.

Members of the National Cartoonists Society should have received the official brochure for the 2016 Reuben Award Weekend in their mailboxes in the last few days. NCS president Bill Morrison asked me to do the art for the brochure cover again this year (see above). With it goes the announcements of the speaker lineup and special award winners:

  • Paul Coker Jr.– Recipient of the “Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award”; Speaker
  • Bruce Higdon– Recipient of the NCS “Silver T-Square” for outstanding dedication to the Society
  • Luke McGarry– Rising star of the new genre of humorous illustrators; speaker
  • Jeff Smith & Terry Moore– Award-winning creators of “Bone” and “Strangers in Paradise”, etc.; panel speakers
  • Maria Scrivan– Syndicated panel cartoonist, gag cartoonist and children’s book author/illustrator ; speaker
  • Jan Eliot– Creator of the syndicated daily strip “Stone Soup”; speaker
  • Matthew Diffee– New Yorker cartoonist, author, stand-up comic; speaker
  • Lynn Johnston & Deborah Peyton—Creator of “For Better or for Worse” and freelance cartoonist/illustrator; speakers
  • David Apatoff & Jenny Robb —Former cartoonist turned IP lawyer and the curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library; speakers
  • Sergio AragonésMAD Magazine, “Groo”, etc. legend; speaker

Outstanding line up. Bill is already making me look bad as a former president!! So far no death threats over the caricatures I have done of my fellow cartoonists, although that flaming paper bag of dog poo on my front porch from yesterday might have been Diffee’s work…


  1. This looks great. I am doing a similar drawing. A crew group picture of my Access Hollywoid crew. I thought it would be a fun gift to the stage. But it turns out, as I started taking reference pictures, I have 40 people on the crew. I’m doing it in the Mad Magazine style (I hope) with some of the crew drawn in humorous poses. All done as if they’re on our set. I’m doing initial drawing in HB pencil followed by inking then color pencils. The picture is on an 18×24 format. My question. How long would I expect this project to take for completion.
    Thanks. Love your work and your book.

    • Tom Richmond says:

      That depends on how fast you work. I don’t know that so I can’t answer your question. This piece took me two full days from initial sketch to final art.

  2. Mike Slaubaugh says:

    Where can those of us who are not members of the National Cartoonists Society get this brochure?. As a MAD collector, the inclusion of Coker Jr. and Aragones puts it on my want list!


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