Sketch o’the Week- Colin Farrell!

July 22nd, 2015 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

cfarrellAfter I did the MAD parody of the first season of “True Detective”, I was looking forward to the new season. I know it would not have Matthew McConaughay and Woody Harrelson in it, but the first season was riveting so I had faith the second one would be just as good.

The Lovely Anna and I watched the first episode and decided not to watch another one. It was so over-the-top depressing we could not help getting the feeling it was almost a parody of itself… “Let’s see how dark and despairing we can make all of the characters in the show”. You have to have at least one person you can root for a little bit, or even care what happens to them.

At Comic-Con several people told me they felt the same way about the first episode, but said I really should keep watching… that it really started clicking by the end of episode two. So I watched the rest of the released episodes recently and I’m glad I did. Once the murder they are trying to solve started becoming the main plot device, it got goo. Now some of the characters are coming around to be interesting and not just loathsome. Colin Farrell‘s character is one.

As always , this original sketch is available to purchase in the Studio Store!


  1. Arthur says:

    After the first episode, I, too, didn’t have the desire to conitnue the second season of “True Detective.” However, that didn’t stop me from recording the other episodes, and I currently have them hanging around on my DVR. I will get back to watching them soon. Good to hear that it won’t be a waste of time.

  2. Alex says:

    Been watching, but still not a big fan. Vince Vaughn’s acting doesn’t convince me, Colin Farrell seemed cartoonishly badass at first, but has gone kinda mushy since. The closeted gay guy’s struggles seem outdated, like he’s gay in the 50’s. The plot is signature confusing.

    Rachel McAdams is the best character so far, I think, but she’s too pretty. In fact, why do all the actors have to be so pretty(though they do make an effort to rough them up)? Can that many beautiful people really all be that sullen and depressed? It is SoCal, I suppose. Sophomore slump, methinks…

  3. I’ve not watched any of season 2 yet, but the first season took me a few episodes before I was truly hooked… then by the end it was one of my favourite shows haha


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