Monday MADness: Man of Steel Cover!

June 29th, 2015 | Posted in Monday MADness

This is the closest I’ve gotten to doing an actual MAD cover… the cover of a special Superman issue from 2013. Here are the roughs and some close ups of the city painting that took forever.

MAD Super Spetacular Sup#51

city 1

city 2


  1. Joel says:

    Insane. As in insanely detailed and fabulous. You missed your calling (yeah, right) — you could have gone into city planning…

  2. Elizabeth W. Pankey says:

    It is an honor to know you and see your amazing work on Facebook.

  3. Bill says:

    I would have placed some clouds in the air, to mask most of the buildings…but, I’m just a Monday morning quarterback….

  4. Jack Myhervold says:

    Turned out really nice. Maybe you will draw Cavill again if the Man from Uncle is good enough to merit a parody. I wish Mad would allow more of a variety of artistic perspectives on their covers again. I don’t want to see ANY one artist every single issue forever. Is their a site or some feature on photoshop that gives you that particular texture on Superman’s outfit?.


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