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May 28th, 2015 | Posted in Presidential Caricatures

A gent named Marv Sohlo wrote me last week asking my permission to put all my presidential caricatures together into a single poster design… just for fun and for his own personal use. These are the images he came up with (clicky to embiggen).



They look pretty good… almost like I know what I’m doing! Thanks, Marv!

The Lovely Anna has been after me to make a poster like this. She seems to think it would sell, especially to teachers or history buffs. I am going to cave in to her wishes… mainly because she is a lot smarter than I am and is probably right (as usual). So, look for a BIG poster of the presidents from me sometime soon. I will be replacing “Grover from Cleveland” with another caricature of the real Grover Cleveland for his second term, however. I don’t think teachers or history buffs would appreciate the gag. Sorry, Victoria.


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