C2E2 Sketches!

April 27th, 2015 | Posted in General

The Lovely Anna and I were busy and had a lot of fun at C2E2 in Chicago this past weekend. Here are some of the drawings and “sketch covers” I did over the three day event…

IMG_2595This one was probably my favorite of the weekend…

IMG_2628 11

IMG_2629Caricature of a guy who wanted to be drawn as Al Bundy… can’t believe I still remember what the living room looks like.

IMG_2600 2

IMG_2630 2

IMG_2607 8

IMG_2587 2Subject…

IMG_2593 2… drawring

IMG_2586 9Subject…


IMG_2614 9

IMG_2604Son Tom and daughter Victoria will appreciate this last one…


  1. Zach Morris says:

    Fantastic! I wish I could have made it to C2E2 this year. It looks like you had some fun there!

  2. Joel Kweskin says:

    Simply wonderful.

  3. Bill Karis says:

    It was Great seeing you at C2E2 this weekend. Hope you had a successful, and great weekend. Nice finally seeing Anna in person!

  4. jose says:

    Awesome meeting you at c2e2..im studying your book like MAD!!!


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