RIP Lou Silverstone

March 19th, 2015 | Posted in News


I just read on Mark Evanier‘s blog that longtime MAD writer Lou Silverstone passed away this past Monday, March 16th at age 90. I never met or worked with him, he having left MAD in the early 90’s and going over to Cracked to write and eventually become an editor there, But I always enjoyed his work on MAD‘s TV parodies. He teamed up a few times with Mort Drucker and especially often with Angelo Torres on many, many classic MAD spoofs. Some of my favorites were “Bats-Man”, “Clodumbo”, “Miami Price” and “The Greatest American Zero”.

So long, Lou. Thanks for the many laughs!


  1. Perdita says:

    That’s really sad news. In our small but fanatical community of Mad lovers here in Bangalore, the immortal lines of Mr Silverstone have become part of the local lingo.

  2. Adam Cooke says:

    “The Greatest American Zero” was the first MAD TV satire that I read front-to-back (in my eye-doctor’s office when I was 10 years old, sitting in the waiting room). I still enjoy that one, and several of Lou’s other MAD contributions, to this day. Very sorry to hear of his passing.


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