Illustration Throwback Thursday #12

March 12th, 2015 | Posted in Illustration Throwback Thursday


The cover of Broadcasting and Cable magazine, Aug 1999. Airbrush and watercolor for a cover story on new syndicated talk shows. Depicted left to right: Martin Short, Richard Simmons, Tia Carrere, Louie Anderson, ??? and Queen Latifah. I have no clue who the blonde lady is with the microphone raised up in the center. She must have debuted a syndicated TV talk show in 1999, but as I have long lost the actual magazine (just have the cover tear sheet), I can’t remember who she was. This was sixteen years ago… that’s a lot of ink, paint, and scotch under the bridge.

UPDATE: Two commenters figured out the mystery woman is Dr. Joy Browne. I atually had the name “Joy” stuck in my head for some reason but thought I was thinking of Joy Behr, who was on “The View” at the time, and that clearly is not her. Thanks for solving the mystery, Rich and Joe!


  1. Kevin Richlin says:

    The article from that issue was archived on the net:

    “Four new talk shows have made the cut, gaining enough national broadcast station clearances to get the green light from their respective studios. Rap-star-turned-actress Queen Latifah, fitness guru and former talk show host Richard Simmons, radio personality Dr. Joy Browne and comedian-actor Martin Short are all fronting new chat shows this fall. Pearson Television’s planned talker Christopher and Camilla and Buena Vista’s The Ainsley Harriott Show failed to make the cut.”

    The blonde lady looks like Dr. Joy Browne.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled scotch.

  2. Joe says:

    I believe the unnamed woman is Dr Joy Browne. Now please don’t ask how I know that because I have no idea!


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