On the Drawing Board- 3/6/15

March 6th, 2015 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

grand slam

The old drawing board is actually close to being reasonably caught up for a change. I just finished several big projects in the last week or so:

  • MAD Movie Parody– This was not for the magazine but for a special project that I don’t think I can announce yet. It may end up in the magazine eventually or for sure in some collection or bookazine, but for now it’s going to be available for this limited item. BTW, this parody contains the most insane two page spread I’ve ever done for MAD. Took me four full days to do these two pages.
  • Jeff Dunham Illustrations– Just finished a bunch of work for Jeff, mostly Las Vegas themed product art but one other thing that hopefully will see the light of day in the near future. I will announce that when I can.
  • Scholastic– Have done several spot illustrations for them lately, a former regular client so nice to be back to doing work for them.
  • Marlin Co. poster– See above, my latest workplace poster.

Still going:

  • Another MAD Movie Parody: This one is for the magazine. Tight deadline now so this will be my day and night for a while
  • Z People Comic– Chapter two in the works.
  • Another Marlin Poster– My usual monthly assignment


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