2015 Reuben Awards Cover Art and Speakers

January 27th, 2015 | Posted in News

2015 Reuben cover ArtClockwise from far left: Nick Galifianakis, Mort Drucker,
Brian Crane, Doug Mahnke, Mark Anderson, Jeff Keane,
Ann Telnaes and Juana Medina- (Clicky to Embiggen)

Members of the National Cartoonists Society will be receiving the official brochure for the 2015 Reuben Award Weekend in their mailboxes in the next week or so. My cover art above. With it goes the announcements of the speaker lineup and special award winners:

  • Mort Drucker– First recipient of the “NCS Medal of Honor”; Speaker
  • Jeff Keane– Recipient of the NCS “Silver T-Square” for outstanding dedication to the Society
  • Brian Crane– Reuben winning creator of the syndicated comic strip “Pickles”; speaker
  • Doug Mahnke– Superstar comic book artist; speaker
  • Mark Anderson– Gag cartoonist, “Andertoons.com”; speaker
  • Juana Medina– Illustrator, first recipient of the Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship; speaker
  • Nick Galifianakis– Cartoonist, author, illustrator; speaker
  • Ann Telnaes, Pulitizer prize winning editorial cartoonist; moderating a panel on “Cartooning and Free Speech”

Great line up. Hoping everyone will still be talking to me after they see these caricatures I did of them. Pastis still won’t return my phone calls.


  1. andertoons says:

    My son says you got my nose right. Lord help me he’s right.

  2. Rich Powell says:

    That’s a masterpiece Tom. Flat out amazing.

  3. Where’s the Beef(head)?! ;P

  4. (PS. Love it. Best one you’ve ever done.)

  5. Earl Musick says:

    Wonderful Tom

  6. andertoons says:

    This makes me laugh every time I see it. Then I cry a little. Then I laugh again.

  7. rstromoski says:

    I think probably your best cover to date…just beautiful Tom.

  8. Great piece of art, Tom.

  9. […] Cartoonist Society President Tom Richmond has posted the cover art for this upcoming year’s NCS Reuben Awards weekend with caricatures of the line-up of speakers and special award winners. Family Circus cartoonist and […]

  10. Debbie Plies says:

    SO COOL Mark Anderson!!


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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