Sketch o’the Week- Stephen Amell!

December 17th, 2014 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Stephen Amell ©2014 Tom Richmond

I’m beyond busy right now so only had time for a quick sketch late today. The Lovely Anna and I started watching “Arrow” in the last month or two. Here’s Oliver Queen himself Stephen Amell.

What do I think of the show? It’s kind of a guilty pleasure. It is way too soap opera-ish for me to really love it, and some of the dialogue is George Lucas-level awful, but the action and the slow unveiling of the story on the island keeps me interested.


  1. sHASHI says:

    AMAZING LINES – cheers

  2. Gil Dowling says:

    I enjoy Arrow a lot. Suprisingly so. I can do without the flashbacks usually but otherwise like it.


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