MAD App Update and Sale!

April 1st, 2014 | Posted in MAD Magazine


April 1st is officially Alfred E, Neuman’s birthday, so what better day to issue an update to the MAD iPad app?

The app sports an all new design… for those using iOs 7 or higher, anyway. I had a chance to play around with it today and I like the new layout and especially the organization of the “Issues” menu page. You now have three different sections:

All– This was previously all you had in the old design under “Issues”. It lists every issue, book or special available for download or purchase. The ones you have bought or are available to you via your subscription have a “Read” or “Download” option under it. The ones that you would need to buy to read have a price there instead.

My Issues– Under the old design, you had to scroll about in “My Library” to find the issues that you had already downloaded amid all the ones you could download via your subscription or previous purchases. “My Issues”, you see only the ones you have bought or are subscribed to. You see these whether you have already downloaded them or not. If you have downloaded them, there is a “Read” or “Continue Reading” option. If the issue isn’t locally stored, you have a “Download” option instead. This is very convenient for you to see your purchased collection at a glance.

On Device– This gets even more specific and shows you only the issues or books you have downloaded and locally stored on your iPad. Great for if you are looking to get a few quick laughs without wanting to wait for a long download first, or if you are without internet access. This wasn’t an option in the previous design, and I like being able to see what I’ve got instant access to at a glance.

I’m not sure if the design of the issues interiors are much different, but I see that in the latest issue each page is a single page, and you swipe to go to the next back or back to the previous one. I like that a lot better than the odd “scrolling down” method where each feature was like a long web page with each page stacked vertically.

Even better news, the guys at MAD are having a sale on stupidity! Now until April 8th, you can get digital versions of MAD #1-23 for just 99 cents each on the iPad, the Kindle, the Nook and Apple iBooks! For the iPad, the sale also includes MAD #92-#131, MAD #503-526, MAD About Obama, Bo Confidential, MAD Magazine Presents… Batman and MAD Super Spectacular – Superman: Man of Steel! It’s never been easier to waste your money!

So, Happy Alfred’s birthday, Internets!


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