Even More MAD DC Covers… Including Mine!

March 19th, 2014 | Posted in General

Batman/Superman #10 by me!

More sneak peeks at the April series of MAD variant covers for 21 of DC’s New 52 titles. They must be getting to the bottom of the barrel to include mine (see above, courtesy of Herofix.com. Click on any of the images to be magically transported to the source of the exclusive for a look at the larger artwork.

More from Herofix:

MAD-BatmanRobin-TwoFace-FREDRICKSONBatman and Robin #30 by Mark Fredrickson

MAD-Aquaman-BlackManta-CALDWELLAquaman #30 by John Caldwell

MAD-Batwoman-Bane-POPEBatwoman #30 by Kevin Pope

From Uproxx.com:

MAD-GLCorps-Larfleeze-SUTTONGreen Lantern Crops #30 by Ward Sutton

MAD-JLA-Despero-STUTZMANJustice league of America #14 by Mark Stutzman

Via The Nerdist:

MAD-JLDark-Black-Adam-SISCOJustice League Dark #30 by Sam Sisco

MAD-Superman-Brainiac-COKER-665x1024Superman #30 by Paul Coker

MAD-TeenTitans-Trigon-PARADAtTeen Titans #30 by Roberto Parada

MAD-WonderWoman-Cheetah-BAGGEWonder Woman #30 by Peter Bagge

Courtesy of Newsarama.com:

MAD-Nightwing-MrFreeze-VIVIANONightwing #30 by Sam Viviano

MAD-Batman-Riddler-STAAKEBatman #30 by Bob Staake

With the previous ones that’s all 21 covers released!! Check them all out in my 2014 MAD Variant Cover gallery.


  1. Virginia says:

    Imagine that, #10 happens to be my favorite! Yours too I take it since it is listed first.

  2. Jack Myhervold says:

    Very good DC cover. PS, I got the Scavengers ink art today, and it looks great. I will care for it like the piece of Mad history that it is. Folks!, Tom packages original art you buy very thoroughly. Lets put it this way, – I’ll never complain about removing the packaging from a new cd again!.

  3. Typosuction says:

    Green Lantern “Crops”? That explains why they farmed out the cover!

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