Shipping of Fools

March 18th, 2014 | Posted in General

I just finished a big MAD parody job (can’t tell you what it is, so don’t ask) that had me tied in knots for the better part of two weeks, which means that today is catch-up day on all the stuff I had to ignore during my marathon. You know… stuff like bills, paperwork, emails… sleeping.

One of the big things I have had to put on the back burner is signing, packing and shipping all those sketches and original art I put up for sale in the Studio Store in the last couple of weeks. My sincerest apologies for all those folks who bought pieces from me and who are still patiently (mostly) waiting for them. It is a bit of a time-consuming thing to get that stuff packed up in delivery-service-abuse-proof packaging, weighed and mailed out, so I had to wait until I had a day I could set aside for that process. Plus, my entire shipping and receiving department (The Lovely Anna) was out of town visiting our daughter in Orlando a of of last week. It’s hard to marry good help these days.

They will all be shipping today, guaranteed!


  1. Tom says:

    Mission accomplished! All pending orders shipped! Thanks for the patience everyone.


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